"The language of experiment is more authoritative than any reasoning: facts can destroy our ratiocination—not vice versa."
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Frequently Asked Question

VoltaRocks is your go-to web aggregator for energy insights! Access anonymised data from selected postcodes to track energy consumption, solar generation, emissions, and more. It's like having a crystal ball for your community's energy use!

Say goodbye to guesswork and costly reports! Our Pilot gives you live data at your fingertips. We're all about building climate-ready communities and smashing those 2030 goals.
Join us, and be a part of the climate action avant-garde!

Absolutely! As part of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) ecosystem, we're decked out with top-notch security, including robust encryption. Your data's as safe as a treasure in a vault!

Of course! With VoltaRocks, you become the master of your own energy destiny. Track your home's energy use, spot trends, and get personalised tips to become more energy-efficient. It's like having a personal energy coach!

We make saving fun and easy!
From simple behavioural nudges to home upgrades, VoltaRocks believes everyone can pinch pennies and shrink their carbon footprint, regardless of budget.
Think of us as your eco-friendly piggy bank!

We're not just about data; we're about making a difference. By helping individuals and communities understand and reduce their energy use, VoltaRocks plays a vital role in reducing overall carbon emissions.
Together, we're not just saving pennies; we're saving the planet!