Introducing Emily Hustletinni: Your AI Energy Savings Companion

Oz Omegna
April 9, 2024
Meet Emily Hustletinni, your dedicated AI plan hustler at VoltaRocks

Meet Emily Hustletinni, your dedicated AI plan hustler at VoltaRocks

Emily is not just an ordinary assistant; she's your guide in the complex world of energy plans, expertly navigating over 23,000 options in Australia to find the one that best suits you.

Sometimes, she might suggest switching from a flat rate to a variable rate. But worry not—Emily has your back. She'll keep you informed about rate changes, ensuring you're always on the best possible plan.

Thanks to Emily's sharp skills, users currently testing our services have saved an impressive $400 on their yearly energy bills.

But Emily's help doesn't stop at just finding you a better plan. She's your negotiation tool, empowering you to discuss better options with your retailer.

With the Plan Hustler Lite, you'll have comprehensive comparisons at your fingertips, allowing you to negotiate confidently for rates that work in your favour.

Did you know that retailers can offer discounts of up to 30% for retention? That's right—if you're a punctual payer, your loyalty is valuable, and retailers will go to great lengths to keep you satisfied.

Emily diligently checks your current plan against others every month, focusing not only on cost but also on sustainability, bringing you the top three greenest and most affordable plans.
By choosing one of these plans, you'll save money and make a positive impact on the environment.

With Emily's guidance, you can feel proud of your responsible energy choices.

Are you curious to learn more about how you can optimise your energy plan?

Dive into our blogs at the Energy Plans Bootcamp and get all the insights you need to make informed decisions.

And for those eager to be at the forefront of energy savings, remember to download the VoltaRocks App.

Begin your journey to smarter energy use and savings with Emily by your side.

Stay tuned for more, and embark on your energy savings journey with VoltaRocks. Let's make energy independence a reality together.

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