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A Volta plan is built to hit your goals while saving money. A plan suited to your home, your life, and whats important to you!

Unlock the Secrets to Fun Energy Savings

Discover a fun Path to Energy Savings: Unravel the secrets to cutting costs, boosting efficiency, and embracing a greener lifestyle!

Best Match Energy Plans

Find the ideal energy-saving strategy to align with your lifestyle and unique needs.

Rebates & Grants: Uncover Hidden Savings!

Unlock Savings: Discover rebates and grants to boost your energy efficiency journey and maximise your savings.

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Volta's Features !

Dive into Exciting Energy-Saving Journeys and Take Control!

Data Geek

Our Data Geek feature turns your energy data into easy-to-understand insights. Get energy the way you want it: simple and stress-free.

Plan Hustler

Let our Hustler feature do the work for you by scouring the web to find the best energy plan for your home.  You can get the energy plan that works for you hassle-free.

Saving Private Eye

Our Saving Private Eye module searches the web for tips, hacks, rebates, and grants to help you save on upgrades. Let us help you find the savings you deserve.

Current Usage

$ 42 - kWh 260

-3,21% than last week

Forecast This Month

$ 210 - kWh 260

-6,20% than last month

Data GeekYou Manage Your
Energy Consumption More Effectively

Energise your savings.
Personalised energy profiles, unique to you.
Speaks the language of energy data, so you don't have to.

Plan Hustler Get the Energy Plan that Works For You Hassle-Free

Let our Hustler module do the work for you by scouring the web to find the best energy plan for your home.

Find The Best Energy Plan for You

Always on the lookout for the latest and greatest energy promos.

Rock Your Perfect Plan: We Ensure It's a Winning Fit

Data Geek and Hustler unite: They navigate the energy world to maximize your savings and create a perfect energy plan!

Plan Hustler: Master of Energy Plan Matchmaking

We don't just find you a fantastic energy plan, we also stack it up against your current one, spotlighting the perks of each.

See the Difference Easily and Nicely

Compare energy plans side-by-side in a simple, user-friendly table format.

Discover Cost-Saving Opportunities with the Private Eye

Looking for a grant to help with your energy needs? Let Savings Private Eye do the searching for you! We'll find the best options that fit your preferences. Join us now and start saving!
Let Volta’s private eye solve the mystery of your high energy bills.
Unearths hidden gems of cost-saving opportunities, grants, and rebates.
Finds out the secret money-saving tricks of other homeowners and share them with you.

Unlock Energy Grants Tailored to Your home

Find the perfect energy grants for you! We'll match your profile and preferences to the best grants for maximum savings.

Unlock the perfect energy recipe for your Home with personalised recommendations

Unlock your energy-saving potential with personalized recommendations that match your needs and interests. Build your profile to get better matches and experience the power of personalisation today!

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Having worked with the founder, I can attest to their dedication and ability to execute. VoltaRocks!

The progress and evolution of the Volta App have been impressive. I'm excited to see the positive impact they'll have on the energy industry.

Oscar and the Volta team are absolute pioneers in the Australian energy industry. They have developed a remarkable energy management solution. #VoltaROCKS!