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For energy retailers, electrification product and service providers, and green finance providers.

Revolutionise Your Energy Solutions with 42

42 by VoltaRocks is a suite of tools designed for the energy industry, tailored for companies offering energy, electrification, and financing services.

Pricing Analytics

Compare your pricing strategy with competitors to ensure you stay ahead.
Energy Plan Pricing Analytics
Product Pricing Comparison
Retail Pricing Comparison

Optimise Your Customer Acquisition

42 by VoltaRocks prepares detailed profiles of users, which, with their consent, are shared when they request bids for their chosen products and services.

Be the First and the Best

Engage with consumers and track the emissions your services reduce for clients, directly calculated from CDR meter data. Our enriched electricity modelling helps users reduce their carbon footprint with your products or services.
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Integration system

Integration and Management

Seamless Integration and Management
Our web portal integrates with your CRM and customer management systems, allowing you to:
Send push notifications to your customers in VoltaRocks
Access comprehensive customer data
Manage interactions and follow-ups efficiently
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