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Our Mission and Solutions for
Climate Action

Involve local residents in your climate action initiatives with built-in community engagement tools.

Data and Insights for Sustainable Energy Usage

Renewable energy solutions provide near-real-time insights into energy usage, emissions, savings, and electrification.

Successful Climate Initiatives from councils and experts

You can access proven strategies and successful initiatives from other local governments and organisations to support your climate action initiatives.

Community Engagement Tools for Climate Action

You can access proven strategies and successful initiatives from other organisations to support your climate action initiatives.

Empowering Councils with near-real-time Energy Data

VoltaRocks empower councils with near-real-time energy data to make informed decisions and take action on usage and emissions.
Data aggregation on different scales, allowing officers to see the big picture and drill down into specific areas of interest.
Analysis tools to help officers answer questions and make data-driven decisions.
Integration with a user-friendly dashboard that puts the power of energy data at officer's fingertips.

Gather Insights with Community Surveys

Survey tool allows councils to gather valuable feedback and insights on specific topics and initiatives, empowering informed decision-making and better serving the needs of their community.

Engage Your Community
with VoltaRocks

Engagement tools enable councils to stay connected with their community through news feeds and direct communication features.

Council Support Program

Free access to the Web portal, and free mobile app for constituents.
We currently support homes on Origin, AGL or Energy Australia,


Gain valuable insights and proven strategies from other local governments to support your council's climate action initiatives through our web portal.
Web access to near-live business intelligence and reports identifying carbon, cost, consumption reduction and electrification penetration.


Empower your constituents to take action towards a more sustainable future by working with council stakeholders to set and track progress towards commitment goals. Access our app to receive proven strategies and successful initiatives from other local governments to support your climate action initiatives.

Our Partners

VoltaRocks is proud to be working with these organisations to promote energy-saving habits and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Question

VoltaRocks is a Software as a Service that helps councils to track and report on their sustainability progress and impact.

VoltaRocks offers to help councils with their Climate Action efforts:
- Anonymised report to understand constituents' journeys in savings, electrification, consumption, and sustainability.
- You can engage directly with constituents and increase participation.
- Near-Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and carbon emissions.
- Sustainability reporting and communication tools.
- Data analytics capabilities for tracking and analysing sustainability performance over time.
- Support for community programs to promote sustainability initiatives.

Yes, VoltaRocks takes data security very seriously and implements various measures to protect user data, including encryption of sensitive information, secure storage, and regular security audits. The platform is designed to ensure that user data is kept safe and private, and we are committed to maintaining the highest data security standards.

- Near-Real-time tracking of energy consumption, and carbon emissions to support sustainability goals.
- Data analytics capabilities to measure and analyse performance over time.
- Engagement tools to connect with constituents and increase participation in sustainability initiatives.
- Cost savings opportunities through energy efficiency improvements and waste reduction initiatives.
- Access to proven strategies and successful initiatives from other local governments to support climate action efforts.
- Enhanced transparency and reporting capabilities to share progress and achievements with the community.

Yes, As councils track their progress and carbon footprint reduction efforts with VoltaRocks, we help you identify areas for improvement and implement cost-saving measures to achieve their sustainability goals.

VoltaRocks is currently in the beta testing phase and is not yet available for public use.
However, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, and we'll work with you to find the best solution.