Empower Your Community Energy Savings Journey with VoltaRocks
Drive greener and climate action ready communities.
Community Principles

Solutions for Community Climate Action

At VoltaRocks, we offer a unique web portal to explore initiatives within your community.
We're not just a platform; we're your partner in supporting and celebrating each step of your community's energy journey.

Access Live Energy Data.

VoltaRocks empowers you with real-time, anonymised data, enabling you to track and champion every home's energy journey.
Access Consumption, Carbon Emissions, and Solar Generation
Publish News, Initiatives, Rebates, and Grants
Set Community Competitions, School Programs, and More
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Fly High with Us: Ready to turbocharge your community projects?
Our free Pilot Program is your co-pilot! We're all about supercharging your engagement with customised plans.
Think of us as your project's energy drink, giving it that extra zing to zoom towards success!

Power Up Your Community with VoltaRocks!

Connect and Electrify: We're the link between your initiatives and our app users. More homes, more impact, more fun – all powered by unique solutions crafted by you, delivered by us.
It's like throwing a community-wide block party, and everyone's invited!
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