Netflix and Chill? Save While Having Fun

Emily Hustletinni
May 30, 2024
TV's, Electrification and Savings.

TV's, Electrification and Savings.

Hey there, entertainment enthusiasts! Plan Hustler here, ready to show you how to enjoy your favorite shows and movies while saving energy and money. With a few smart choices and tips, you can make your Netflix and chill sessions more eco-friendly without sacrificing any fun.


Energy-Efficient TVs

Watching the latest shows on an energy-efficient TV can make a big difference in your energy consumption. Look for TVs with high Energy Star ratings, as they use significantly less power while providing excellent picture quality. Whether you’re binging on the latest series or catching up on classic movies, an energy-efficient TV ensures you’re not wasting energy.


Energy Star-rated TVs are designed to be both efficient and high-performing. These TVs can use up to 25% less energy than standard models, saving you money on your electricity bill. Over the lifespan of the TV, these savings add up, making it a smart investment. For example, an energy-efficient TV can save you up to $80 over a year compared to a non-rated model.

We did a quick comparison on our Appliance Smackdown


  • Unplug Devices: When not in use, unplug your TV and related devices like sound systems and streaming boxes. Alternatively, use a smart power strip to cut off power automatically.
  • Adjust Settings: Use eco-mode or energy-saving settings on your TV to reduce brightness and power usage. This setting adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the room’s lighting, saving energy.
  • Turn Off Devices: Make a habit of turning off your TV and other electronics when you’re done watching. Even in standby mode, they can consume power.


Enjoying your favorite entertainment doesn’t have to come with a high energy cost. By choosing energy-efficient TVs and adopting smart habits, you can reduce your energy consumption and save money without missing out on any fun. So, go ahead and Netflix and chill—just do it the energy-efficient way!

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