Home Office: Save on Computer and Accessories

Sam Holmes
May 29, 2024
Home office - Electrification

Home office - Electrification

Hey there, efficiency enthusiasts! Private Eye here, ready to help you save energy and money in your home office. With more people working from home than ever before, it's crucial to ensure that your office setup is as energy-efficient as possible. Efficient computers and accessories not only reduce your carbon footprint but also save you significant amounts on your energy bills. Let's explore the most efficient devices, the potential savings, and some smart behavioural tips to maximise your energy efficiency.

Energy-Efficient Devices

  • Most Efficient Computers and Monitors: When setting up your home office, opting for energy-efficient devices is key. Look for computers and monitors with high Energy Star ratings. For example, laptops generally consume less energy than desktops. An Energy Star-rated laptop uses around 20-50 watts of electricity, while a desktop can use between 60-200 watts, not including the monitor. Similarly, LED monitors are more energy-efficient than their LCD counterparts, offering the same display quality while using less power.


  • Annual Savings from Efficient Devices: Switching to energy-efficient computers and accessories can lead to substantial savings. An Energy Star-rated laptop can save you up to $35 a year in electricity costs compared to a non-rated model. Over five years, this adds up to $175 saved. If your home office includes a printer, consider an Energy Star-rated model, which can use up to 40% less energy. These savings might seem small individually, but they add up significantly across all your devices.


  • Power Management Settings: Ensure your computer and monitor are set to enter sleep mode after a period of inactivity. This simple step can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%.
  • Unplug Devices: When not in use, unplug chargers and other peripherals to prevent phantom energy drain. Devices can still consume power even when turned off if they remain plugged in.
  • Use Natural Light: Position your desk near a window to take advantage of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.
  • Smart Power Strips: Use smart power strips that automatically cut power to devices when they are not in use, ensuring no energy is wasted.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep your devices clean and dust-free. Dust buildup can cause devices to overheat and work harder, consuming more energy.

Investing in energy-efficient home office equipment and adopting smart energy-saving behaviors can lead to significant cost savings and environmental benefits. By choosing devices with high Energy Star ratings and implementing simple habits, you can create an efficient and eco-friendly workspace. Make the smart choice today and watch the savings add up while reducing your carbon footprint. Stay sharp and efficient, folks!


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