The Hot Water Heat Pump Smackdown

Sam Holmes
March 8, 2024
1500+ solar options, 300 heat pumps... Your energy-saving sidekick awaits in Victoria! 💪⚡

1500+ solar options, 300 heat pumps... Your energy-saving sidekick awaits in Victoria! 💪⚡

The Hot Water Heat Pump Smackdown

Think of choosing a heat pump water heater like picking your favourite superhero – each has its unique strengths and potential budget-saving powers. Here's the lowdown on the major players:

  • Rheem: The Hulk of Hot Water They've been in the game forever, known for robust systems that can handle a family of thirsty teenagers. All-in-one or split systems – they've got your back with a range of options.
  • Rinnai: The Reliability Ninja Like a trusty sidekick, Rinnai systems are built to last. They might not be the flashiest, but they'll quietly save you money year after year.
  • Stiebel Eltron: The Tech Wizard If you're a gadget geek, this German brand will make your heart sing. Expect cutting-edge efficiency and fancy control panels, but be prepared to pay a premium.
  • Dux: The Steady Veteran A solid all-rounder with a good reputation. Not the cheapest, not the most cutting-edge, but a safe bet for most homes.
  • Reclaim Energy: The Budget Hero Need to save hot water AND save cash? They focus on affordability, ideal if you're replacing an old tank on a tight budget. Just keep an eye on those warranty terms.

Newer Challengers on the Block:

  • AquaMax: The Scrappy Underdog Competitive pricing, but like any underdog, their long-term track record is still being established.
  • Sanden: The Eco-Warrior Their CO2 technology is seriously cool (pun intended!), but it often comes with a higher price tag.
  • EvoHeat: The Climate Conqueror If you live somewhere with extreme temps, they specialise in systems that won't wimp out in the cold or overheat in the summer.

Where to Get the Juicy Details:

  • Comparison Websites: Choice and Canstar Blue are your inside sources for reviews and price wars.
  • Retailer Websites: See the latest prices, but those promos change faster than you can say "hot shower."
  • Manufacturer Websites: Geek out on the tech specs, then hunt for real-world prices.

Pro Tips:

  • Don't forget the install: Even the best system is only as good as its installation. Get those installer quotes!
  • Location, location, location: What works in Darwin might not cut it in Hobart. Match the system to your climate.
  • Rebates are your friends: They can seriously slash the upfront cost – do your homework, there is over

The Energy Upgrade Power-Up:

Did you know there are over 1500 solar products and almost 300 heat pump options eligible for rebates under the Victorian Energy Upgrade program?  That means serious savings potential!

Ready to explore your options? Here's how to find the perfect energy-saving sidekick:

  • Victorian Energy Upgrade website: Your roadmap to rebates and approved products.
  • VoltaRocks (coming soon!):  We'll personalise recommendations and help you navigate those rebates.

Let's transform your energy bill from villain to zero!

Let us know if you want a deep dive on a specific brand or a showdown between two models!

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