Consumer Data Rights Explained: Opening Doors to Energy Data

Dan Datisky
May 13, 2023
Unlock your energy data with CDR for smarter, cost-saving home management.

Unlock your energy data with CDR for smarter, cost-saving home management.

Ever heard of Consumer Data Rights (CDR)? It's the game-changer behind open banking, soon to revolutionise how you manage your energy data too. Imagine having the key to unlock all your energy consumption details—that's CDR in action.

Here's the scoop: To bring CDR to life, a mammoth data pool (think data lake) is curated, then laced with APIs (think digital gateways) for tech wizards to tap into. For us at VoltaRocks to fetch this data for you, we've got to make sure it's genuinely yours, through a series of verifications and checks.

But it's not a walk in the park. The data is colossal and relies on various firms to capture, orchestrate, and deliver it effectively.

Wondering how to get a piece of this data pie? You'll need an intermediary, like us, to apply for access, verify who you are, and present it neatly in an app. Or, you could go directly to your meter data provider for a raw look at your usage.

The catch? CDR access isn't free, and initially, only data from the big energy players will be available. We aim to offer you yesterday's full energy profile, broken down into 15 or 30-minute chunks—today. It's not perfect, but hey, we're on it!

As we gear up for CDR, our aim is to integrate this data into our app and align it with your energy goals. We're talking savvy tips, finding better energy deals, and insights that could trim down your bills.

CDR is a giant leap forward, and we're all in, ready to sprinkle our Volta magic to ensure everyone can tap into their energy data for the better. Stay tuned!

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